1. Cyber Security Products and Services
    Cyber Security Products and Services
- Network monitoring including full packet capture &               network flow analysis
- Identification of cloud application usage
- Detect attacks & respond to them before they occur

- Security event correlation across devices, systems &               applications
- Next-generation SIEM based on big-data platform
- Scalability & performance optimization

- Design, deployment, validation & training
- Requirement analysis & product selection support
- Integration with NSM, SIEM, VPN & SOC capabilities

- IPS design & integration with NSM / SIEM capabilities
- Wireless IPS (WIPS) & Host-based IPS (HIPS)
- Open source IPS solutions

- Advance malware protection on the endpoint
- Application whitelisting
- Network-based advanced threat detection

- Continuous & repeatable vulnerability assessment
- Internal/external vulnerability assessment
- Network & web application assessments
- On-premise & cloud/managed options

- Industry-leading email & web security appliances
- Cloud & on-premise web security solutions
- Application visibility & control

- Seamless remote access VPN
- Site-to-multi-site VPN solutions for remote offices
- Encrypt direct links & MPLS clouds

- Management & visibility of IP allocation using DNS                 and DHCP
- DNS Firewall, DNSSEC

- Network Admission Control (NAC) systems
- Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems
- Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems

- External and internal penetration testing
- Vulnerability assessment
- SIEM assessment
- Web application security assessments
- Wireless security assessments
- Formal risk assessments
- Compliance gap analysis (PCI, HIPAA, FISMA)

- Managed / co-managed security operations
- Incident response / training
- Security operations center (SOC) design
- SOC policy / procedure development
ViaCloud Technologies helps clients build secure, reliable IT systems that protect intellectual property, brand, reputation, applications & sensitive data. We work with customers to align security capabilities directly into the day-to-day operation of the IT environment. We use a customized methodology, based on industry best practices, for delivering program and policy development and assessment services.
Network Security Monitoring (NSM)Preventive measures are critical but eventually they can be subverted. Our network security monitoring products enable real-time visibility into network, system and application activity to stop threats before they can cause damage.
Security Information Event Management (SIEM)Security information and event management (SIEM) is a critical enabler of an efficient security operations center (SOC) capability. SIEM is a complement to many other information security products and capabilities including NSM, firewall, IDS, identity and access management.
Next-Generation Firewall - Next-generation firewall provides traditional layer-4 protection as well as application, user identity and content identification to detect and prevent the types of advanced attacks that are commonly encountered in today’s security landscape.
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) - Next-generation IPS quickly detects (and potentially blocks) attacks identified on the network and can handle the high speed, low latency links common in today’s enterprise and data center networks without degrading performance.
Next-Generation Threat Detection - In today’s threat environment, traditional anti-malware software is necessary but not sufficient. Attackers are utilizing zero-day vulnerabilities or re-packaging known vulnerabilities to evade detection.
Vulnerability Management - Modern security programs require a balanced approach that addresses both the threat and vulnerability sides of the risk equation. Comprehensive internal and external vulnerability management at the network, host and application layers are critical.
Web & Email Security - Web and email traffic monitoring are critical to help detect and prevent targeted attacks, watering hole attacks, and the egress of proprietary/sensitive data. This capability feeds critical intelligence into an organization’s NSM capability.
VPN / Remote Access - ViaCloud Technologies implements secure communication channels for road warriors, remote offices, co-location facilities and remote datacenters.
DNS, DHCP & IP Address Management (IPAM) - Good security starts with the basics. Automate DNS, DHCP and IP management across the organization to increase network reliability and visibility and prepare for IPv6 and DNSSEC.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - ViaCloud Technologies provides a full BYOD solution including policy development, authentication/authorization services, device profiling, posture assessment, quarantine, mobile device management (MDM), differentiated authorization, guest access, reporting and device provisioning.
Security Assessment Services - We provide a full spectrum of cyber security assessment services. Our assessments are thorough and performed by experienced, qualified information security professionals. Findings are prioritized and characterized in terms of risk to the organization. All security assessment recommendations are 100% vendor-neutral.

Security Operations ServicesSecurity is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring to detect and respond to security incidents. Products are useful productivity enhancements but the core capability is a process executed by security analysts.